Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kickin' Fear in the Butt & A Sale!!!

Hi ya’ll! Well, I told you the other day I had some *major* reveals and announcements. I think I need to let you in on the announcement, before I reveal too much more of my pickins from the other weekend. But before I do, I need to tell you a little bit about “my story”. I will try not to let this story get away from me and hopefully I can keep it fairly short & sweet without putting you to sleep! J
As it says in my “About Me”, I have always had a passion for crafting, drawing, painting, etc. Even after childhood, once I got married I was always changing things around in my home and painting rooms. It has been the running joke in my family that every wall in my home has been painted at least 5 times! I remember one time, this is no lie, I wanted bricks in my kitchen. Obviously I couldn’t afford to brick my kitchen so I decided to paint bricks on the walls. Yep, that’s right…I painted faux bricks on my walls. And it took for.ever. (or so it seemed) It did take a couple of weeks, ok anyhoo…I took a couple of rectangle craft sea sponges, some craft paint & paper plates, mixed my paint to my desired colors, dipped my sponges and pressed them to the wall in alternating colors, then  I went in between all those “bricks” and painted the “grout”!  When I got done, I stepped back and admired my work…for about a month.  Then I was ready for change. Again.
I won’t say I sacrificed anything. Like many of you, I did put my dreams on hold, or maybe I didn’t realize what my dreams were at the time. Maybe I was doing what my dreams were at the time, raising my children. But my dreams have changed (or maybe I’m picking up where I left off?) and my children are pretty much grown. I have a son in the Marines just starting his own family, and my daughter is a senior.  Through a series of life’s journey; a divorce, my children growing up, a downsizing at my job, and meeting Mr. Right…I believe now is the time for me.
I will not lie, I have struggled with this for over a year. I have literally stalked some of these incredible blogs, envying the authors, wondering “why can’t I do that?” Well, I can! At least that’s what I tell myself, until I let fear drown out my courage. What if I’m not good enough? What if nobody likes my stuff? It  gets  sooo overwhelming. I want to do so much and it paralyzes me.  I pray about it, I let it consume me…literally. I let fear immobilize my efforts. Then I read some more blogs. Do you realize how many blogs have started up just this year? With people just like me? Wanting to do the same thing as me? And now I read all these wonderful blogs like FYI 31 Days Blog to Biz, and All Things Thrifty Blogging 101 series …and so many more that it takes so much time to just read them all! And then I wonder if God is trying to guide me, or am I just wanting to think God is trying to guide me b/c this. is. really. what. I .want. to. do.
I have my goals. I have started a plan. I am constantly going to thrift stores, yard sales, and auctions and bringing home more stuff. I have had a booth,  and we are now in the process of looking for a brick & mortar shop. But until then? I’m going to keep taking baby steps. I’m going to keep my goals. I’m going to perfect my plan. I’m going to continue to learn. I’m going to get better. I’m going to make mistakes. I’m going to make my dreams a reality. And I’m going to kick fear in the butt. Because I can. J
We have decided that since we have so. much. stuff.,  and we haven’t found our dream shop yet, we are going to improvise. I have a garage apartment that is not being used, so I have the perfect space right here at home, (just not the perfect location). So we are going to use what we got, advertise, and get ready…and we are HAVING A SALE BABY!!!! This weekend! Saturday and Sunday! If you are in the area(Jackson, GA-check out my Craigslist Ad here), please stop by! I would love to meet you! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll take home a little piece of me! J

Thank you Funky Junk Donna, All Things Thrifty, Miss Mustard Seed…and so many more…for your inspiration and selflessness. I want to be just like you when I grow up! J Knowledge is to be shared and I will pay it forward.
This post comes at the perfect time to link up to one of my all time favorite blogs, who has inspired me (as well as so many others) and has given me the “push” I need to continue down my path…so I’m linking to Funky Junk Donna’s  31 Days Blog to Biz/ day 31 “my Story”. If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s plenty to go around!

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  1. Dayna, I am so happy you shared your story. I am hoping your sale ends up being more than you could ever dream.
    I believe we are meant to have different interests as we grow and experience life.
    One thing I am learning is that as we share we discover ourselves.

  2. I just got an email this morning that had the folling message....."it's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our friends -- they help us to grow.

    Actually, it is impossible to make a 'mistake'in real terms, since everything that we call a 'mistake' actually brings us benefit.

    So march ahead with all the power and
    the fierce urgency of Now. And don't worry about "mistakes."

    Rather, worry about being afraid not to make any."

    I've looked through your other posts..love the postcard coffee table. I'd love to point you to another great blog to follow. This gal, Gail, has some great projects and I believe you would enjoy her blog and you can also link there from time to time.

    Might do you well to add a Subscribe by email to your sidebar too. People love to subcribe to blogs through that avenue.

    Wish I could come shop...I know I'd find something to buy! Ü

    Best wishes in all you do....looks like you are well on your way to great times!!