Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things....

So, I was thinking (shock, I know)
I would take a few snapshots (do people still say that?)
of a few of my favorite treasures
around my home
that make me smile  :-)

Problem is...
after I took them
I kinda realized the difference
between my camera and all ya'lls cameras  :-(

Now I know why everyone is always bragging 
about their new, super, uber,
 (yes, I said it, I have a teenage daughter)
cool cameras!

So, I apologize in advance for the 
poor shots...and will have to add a new, super
uber, cool camera to the wish list...well, maybe it doesn't have to be "new"...I'm not really into "new", it usually makes me break out in a rash...

So, without further are a few of my favorite things!
Hope you enjoy!!

This is an antique sewing machine my dad is letting me "borrow" because they didn't have anyplace for it...yeah, I don't think I'm giving this back!! (Sorry Dad!)
This was one of my first antique pieces of furniture, and I've never looked back!!!

This is a antique child's wagon seat that the Mr. made into a shelf for my daughter's room!
It is soooo old and neat!

I hate cereal, but I love this Corn Flake sign, I mean, just LOOK at that is totally gross on the back!

This is my birdhouse my dad made me, I will treasure this  *for-ever*

This is my old pump...the Mr. is supposed to add this to my pond & make a fountain
He is so sweet!!
This is my old wagon wheel hub in my flower bed *love*


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