Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not-so-slim pickins!

Hi ya'll! Guess what?? Mr. Right took me pickin'! WooHoo!!! Ya'll want to take a peek? Good, cuz I've been dyin' to show you! 

So, let me start out by saying this NEVER happens to me. Never. I stalk all your blogs and drool over all the wonderful, chippy, rusty, cool pickens ya'll score...and I am (ashamed to admit) a teensy bit jealous.  But not this time, oh no! This time it was "moi" that S.C.O.R.E.D!!! Take a look see for yourselves...

Yes, I know, close your mouths ladies. ;)  And this isn't even all, oh no...Mr. Right had to go back the next day to finish loading this:

wait, I'm not done yet...

still not done...

ok, NOW I'm done! Well not really, actually we got a coffee table with the *sexiest* legs, except there are only 3 of them! I haven't taken a picture of her yet, but I will!

So, I've...ok we've... been super-duper busy with all this stuff (hence my blog suffering!) however, I have some major (well, they're major to me) reveals and announcements to make...
but you'll have to stop back by to find out what they are!! ;)

1 comment:

  1. You are so lucky to have a Mr. Right who will go back for those delightful shabby pieces. I have a Mr. Wonderful who would not go back, but he will take far too long figuring out how to fit it all in one trip.
    He took me dumpster diving recently. It started as a freebie pick up but the dumpster was right there!
    I am short and can not climb in. It helps to have a man with long legs.