Monday, July 18, 2011

New Beginnings...

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog! This is a new journey for me, so I hope you will continue to return and accompany me! I am not new to the blogging world, I have been stalking many of your blogs for well over a year now, but I have finally got the courage to start my own. I just hope that I can be half as entertaining, creative, talented and inspiring as some of the blogs I have been stalking! Let me introduce myself...

My name is Dayna, and just like most of you, I am a lover of all things old & worn, but I also love to give the old & worn new life. I love junking, picking, antiquing,or dumpster diving ~ whatever you choose to call it in your neck of the woods, it makes my heart race & puts a smile on my face! I have done it for years, but none of my "friends" enjoyed it - they all thought I was crazy, and so I was beginning to think the same thing. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into the blogging world! "Oh my! I am not crazy!! There ARE other people in this world just like me!!"

Through a series of life experiences in the past year or so, I have finally been blessed with the opportunity to live my dream and this blog gives me the opportunity to chronicle that journey. So please continue to check back often as I take the giant (and a bit scary) leap into the unknown!!


  1. Welcome to blogging, Dayna! You will have a BLAST!


  2. For a kindred spirit, go to funky junk interiors blogspot. She also has tons of posts on how to blog, and how to take photos. Hyphen interiors (google it) has some great posts on blogging. Good luck. Ann

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies, and thank you for stopping by! I hope you will re-visit again soon & often! I am still learning (and there is ALOT to learn!) so please be patient with me! Ms. Donna,I have had several people refer me back to you for good tips, so again...THANKS! It means alot to me to read your comments! Have a great day!