Thursday, July 21, 2011

Figuring It All Out...

So, as a newbie (is that what we’re called?), I have so many questions running through my head…like…”how do I get someone to post a comment?”   HAHA!  Just kidding!  (ok, not really.)

Seriously though, I was lying in bed last night & couldn’t sleep for all the questions running through my head (is this a common symptom of blog addiction?)
 For instance: what do you do when an idea for a blog just hits you and you’re not at your computer? Do you jump out of bed and run (ok,  I don’t “run”) go type something up real quick (kinda like I did at midnight)?   What do you do if you’re not near a computer? 

How do you organize all the photos you take, before and after you download them on the computer? For example…I read these blogs where my fellow bloggers go on these amazing trips to all these wonderful shows and antique stores, and just plain fantastic junkin escapades and they have all these amazing pictures, and they have all the locations and all the fun people they meet along the way and then they come home, download the amazing pictures, list everyone by name and even link them to their respective blogs and websites….YIKES!!! How DO they DO that???

How to host a link up party & give-away (cuz seriously, if I knew how to do that, I’d be having one for anyone who could answer some of these questions!) How do you organize your blog ideas; how do you get advertisers on your blogs; how do you get the buttons and links to all of the other blogs? What is blogging etiquette? What if I make someone mad because I didn’t follow blogging etiquette because I didn’t know it? How do you remember to check everything you need to each day, check your blog, read all the other blogs, read ALL your comments ( and reply)…okay, so this isn’t a problem for me… yet…but I do have faith!; and read your emails, and reply to them as well, and check your facebook, post a status, and reply to all of those, and do the laundry, bring home the bacon and fry it up  in a pan  and still find time to go to some of the most amazing pickin’ spots, find fabulous stuff, and if its not fabulous, come home and make it fabulous…and take pictures, download them, and post about it…just to start all over again tomorrow???  WHEW!!!  What have I got myself into?  Am I the only one feeling a little overwhelmed?  You all are super women….I salute you…and I want to be just like you when I grow up! ;)

There is so much to learn, so much to remember…so, as I beg for your patience during my learning curve, I humbly ask if anyone wants to share on how they make it through their day and not only get all this done, but seriously, any organizing your photos tips & tricks, or organizing your time tips & tricks, anything to help us newbies out…and I’m sure I’m not alone, we’d be much appreciative!! Please feel free to leave a comment, or better yet, if you would like to have your own post on any or one of my many questions, please link back so not only I, but my loyal followers can get answers to their many questions, too! ;)
Happy Hump Day!!



  1. Hi there - your newest follower here! I saw your comment on Miss Mustard Seed's blog and thought I would come on over & check yours out.

    So I have a blog called Junker Newbie (yes, Newbie is the right term for you!) which might help. I started my blog at the beginning of the year and have learned a TON.

    Take a look at my blog & see if my posts might help. In particular, this one might be helpful -

    If you'd like to skype or chat via phone sometime to walk through some of your questions, I'd be happy to!


  2. Hello from Down Under!
    I am a newbie too and you have asked all the gazillions of questions I had too. Google has been my best friend for all the things I needed to ask about setting up the blog etc, and like you, I lie awake at night thinking of everything I still don't know what to do. I hope we can encourage each other as we go along. Best of luck!

  3. Thank you two ladies so much for the encouraging words!!
    At Stephanie...I am a regular follower of FJI & love not only her style, but all her tips as well! So thank you for pointing me in that direction! I also checked out your blog & am very impressed! I tried what you told me to, and my email is already there, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right?
    At cool is it to have someone from "Down Under" checking out MY blog??? Uber cool! I didn't get your blog address, so I haven't been able to look you up yet, but would love to!
    Again, thanks for the kind words! I will definitely keep in touch with both of you, and Stephanie, we are just around the corner from each other, and my son lives in SC, also...hmmm...maybe a meet & greet in our future?